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You are the GM - Part Fantasy, Part Simulation = Fanulation As Real As It Gets for Serious Sports Fans at FanGM!

Just Getting Started

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FanGM is a new football simulation league that mixes weekly fantasy results and supporting cast grades to impacted those performances in simulated football games. It's a step beyond fantasy football and as realistic as you can get! We've had such a great response and had so many people interested in getting a team that we're creating some new leagues. Here's how to join:

  • Register and make sure you are logged in. You can have multiple teams under the same login if you wish, as there will be a pull-down to switch between your various teams. It is FREE to play. You need to register or login. If you would like to learn more about this, check out league rules and existing league play.


Sign up for a football league opening now!

UPDATE: We are exploring the possibility of creating a new league before the 2016 season. If interested, please register and post a message on our GM Wait List thread that you're interested in getting a team. We will look at a new league and replacement GMs before the new NFL season.
Free to play, sign up now!

Fans on the Clock

The college draft is one of the most exciting elements of our simulation leagues, and now there's a new game to test your GM skills against real teams and other FanGMs to see what picks grade out the best over time.
FanGM is putting the Fans on the Clock!


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